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Request for help from family & friends

We are not certain about some of the detailed information in this album. If you have any additions or corrections we'd appreciate it if you would let us know. You can email the information to us via this link, or send it by mail to: Paul Hutchinson, PO Box 563, Upton, MA, 01568-0563

The information we need to find or correct is:

  • Names for the unidentified people in the photos (descriptions shown as ?), also some of the names shown could be wrong.

  • Date the photo was taken, most photos only have a correct year and for some even the year is a guess.

  • Location of the photo, many are only a guess at the city, and on some photos even the state is a guess.

  • Name of the photographer who took the photo, most are unknown.

  • We'd also love to get any photos of Ken or Milly that you might have.

    Help instructions for the photo album

  • The photos in the album are in chronological order.

  • Hutchinson's in the photos are identified by only their first, and sometimes middle, name.

  • Maiden names are in parenthesis.

  • Some names have been intentionally left out, e.g. granddaughters.

  • Album Navigation Help

    You can get to a pop-up version of the following help from any page of the photo album. Simply click the "Help" link in the lower right of a page where it shows "Made with JAlbum & Chameleon | Help"

    Album Name / Subalbum
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    Download current file. Right click and choose "Save target as..." to download the image or movie to your disk.

    Click on a thumbnail to see the standard resolution image.

    Click on a standard resolution image to see the high resolution image.

    Keyboard navigation shortcuts
    Backspace Up one directory level or back to the index page.
    Left arrow Previous index / slide page
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    Enter From the index page: goes to the first displayable picture and starts the slideshow
    Space Starts / stops slideshow. [If you are on an index page the slide show will loop the index pages, not the slides!]
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