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Dad's greeting card creation

Going through a box of Dad's papers the other day I found a few greeting cards he had created on his computer. Most of them although nicely made were fairly ordinary. Then at the bottom of the pile was this special one he'd made for his brother Ralph. I think you'll agree this one shows off his great sense of humor.

By Paul 9/23/2010

Does Bill Gates Owe Mom a Royalty?

In the summer of 98 Dad was staying at my home when he made an incredible discovery. Dad had been coming to stay with me four years in a row so we had a routine down pat. He'd get up first and sit at the dining table having his morning coffee and watching TV news. One morning I awoke late as usual and when I joined Dad at the table he looked ready to crack up laughing.

I had picked up a copy of the newly released Windows 98 the day before and it was still sitting on the dining table.

Dad called to me, "Paul come here, you need to see this", I walked to the table and he said "Sit down and tell me what you see".

I sat down at the table and this is what I saw ...

The afghan Mom had made in the early 70's had the same pattern as the Windows flag logo. Since this was almost 20 years before Microsoft introduced the flag logo for Windows 3.1 Dad asked, "does Bill Gates owe Mom a royalty?". Obviously not but hey if Bill & Melinda want to make a big donation to the United Way I'm sure Mom, Dad and the rest of us would be pleased.

I still have the afghan and consider it magic, whenever I get a cold it makes me well in seven days, without it I'm sure it would take a whole week :-). My former cat Lizzie loved to sleep under it, although she never learned how to use it for best warmth.

By Paul 4/7/2012

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